What type of books do we publish?

We are currently focusing on picture books for 4 to 8 year olds with text no longer than 500 words (and we prefer 200-400 words). We love writing that is contemporary and fun. We particularly like stories with modern-day settings, especially if they feature BAME families, and stories that lend themselves to great illustration. We also accept submissions of narrative non-fiction with a similar word length and a focus on diversity.

Who do we want to hear from?

We are committed to opening up a space for diverse voices so we particularly want to hear from authors and illustrators of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) backgrounds from, or living in, the UK. We like working with agents but are happy to receive unsolicited manuscripts or illustration samples from debut or un-agented authors or illustrators because we are keen to develop new writing and illustration talent.

What should I submit?

If you are a picture book author, please send us the complete text of your manuscript. Illustrations are not necessary. If we like your story, we will commission an illustrator to work with you.

If you are an illustrator, please send us at least three separate illustrations, aimed at children.

If you are an author/illustrator, please send us your completed picture book dummy.

What format should my submission be sent in?

Authors and illustrators should submit their work with a covering letter which includes some information about themselves and their writing history, any previous publications, and why this story is important to them. We will need to know if it is a simultaneous or exclusive submission.

We only accept submissions from authors and illustrators in Word or PDF format sent to us via email. PDF documents should be no larger than 8MB. Please send submissions to: submissions@lantanapublishing.com.

Please retain a copy of original work for your own reference.

What happens after I have sent my submission?

You can expect to receive an automated email when your work has been received by us. We cannot commit to answering questions about your work at this stage, but we will get in touch with you if we would like to take your manuscript forwards or commission you for an illustration project. If you do not receive any communication from us within twelve weeks from the date of your submission, please assume that your work is not being considered for publication, but thank you for submitting it anyway – we appreciate every submission.

Best of luck!

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