Phoenix Song

Written by Tutu Dutta and illustrated by Martina Peluso


Arohan is desperate for a guitar. What eight year old boy isn’t? So when Arohan’s grandmother gives him a plain old bamboo flute for his birthday, he is understandably a little upset. But the xiao is no ordinary flute. An instrument steeped in the myths and legends of China, the xiao has its own special magic, as Arohan is soon to discover. When his brothers go missing on the slopes of the hill behind their home in Malaysia, Arohan must ensure they return safe and sound. But does he have what it takes to placate the guardian of the bamboo grove and summon the mythical phoenix? A touching and courageous story of a young boy’s love for his family and the magical things that can happen when you listen to your heart.


'A wind of music and brotherly love takes us soaring through the pages of Phoenix Song. Children everywhere will see their own talents, disappointments, and heroes' journeys mirrored in Arohan’s adventure.' – Mitali Perkins, award-winning author of Tiger Boy

'The colours of the phoenix as it flies over the forest are truly amazing… The lushess of the forest comes across and the depiction of the bamboo closing in over Arohan is truly threatening… This is an excellent introduction to traditional Malaysian stories in a modern setting.' – The School Librarian, Vol. 64, No. 3

‘An evocative “song” that echoes in the heart.' – Mahtab Narsimhan, award-winning author of The Tiffin

'Phoenix Song is a beautifully-crafted picture book that will have children gripped by its blend of music, magic and contemporary reality as they get right behind its young hero, whom they will completely take to their hearts.' – Marjorie Coughlan, Mirrors, Windows, Doors

'Phoenix Song started life as a version of a Malay folktale of Buluh Perindu (literally: yearning or sighing bamboo). Given a contemporary setting, this has become a story about family and courage that will appeal to children of all ages. A lovely book that deserves to be shared again and again.' – North Somerset Teachers' Book Award

'It’s so simple, yet beautiful… It will inspire children to realise that they all have the potential to be heroes if they use their talents wisely.' Brigitte Rozario author of popular blog, Thots n Tots

'This is a beautifully crafted story by author Tutu Dutta… Italian artist Martina Peluso’s illustrations are truly exquisite, rendering rich, lush landscapes, a whispering bamboo grove and the magnificent phoenix as it rises up out of the final pages.' – Outside In World

Phoenix Song is a beautiful, gentle story about respect for nature, love for family, music, and the enduring magic of folktales.” – Planet Picture Book

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