What’s the project all about?

Can you imagine a life without reading? For many of us, this would be like imagining a world without air. But for vast swathes of the population across the developing world, the ability to read a book for pleasure is only a distant dream. Sadly, this is the case for a wonderful group of children living in the Korup region of Cameroon in West Africa. Just imagine homes where the only things to read are some tattered medicine instructions or a rotten old poster!

Who’s involved in the project?

As part of our mission to support children who do not have easy access to books, we have been working with children’s author Tom Moorhouse, WildCRU (part of Oxford University’s Zoology department), the illustrator Emmie van Biervliet and a whole host of other talented authors to try to change this. The result is A Wisp of Wisdom, a collection of wonderful animal stories from the Cameroon that we have borrowed in order to give them back to the children who live there.

To find out more about the project,  A Wisp of Wisdom and how you can support it, click on the link below.

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