Shortlisted for the Bologna Prize for Best Children’s Publisher of the year 2017

Lantana Publishing is a young, independent publishing house producing award-winning picture books for children. Lantana’s mission is to select outstanding writing from around the world, working with prize-winning authors and illustrators from many countries, while at the same time nurturing new writing talent.

Lantana’s award-winning cross-cultural collaborations have so far garnered high praise, described as ‘dazzling’, ‘delectable’, ‘enchanting’ and ‘exquisite’ by bloggers and reviewers, and receiving high commendations from awards-panels both at home and abroad. Lantana Publishing is hugely proud to bring UK children’s publishing one step closer towards achieving a more diverse and inclusive children’s book landscape for the next generation of young readers.

A story! A story! Let it come, let it go…

Our story began when 2017 Kim Scott Walwyn Prize winner Alice Curry met Caroline Godfrey on their first day of Freshers’ Week at Oxford University. A decade later, Alice decided to make her vision for a new publishing house a reality and Caroline took a year out of teaching to help Lantana in its start-up phase. When Caroline went back to teaching, remaining a non-executive director of the company, another university friend Katrina Gutierrez came on board to help Alice with the day-to-day running of the business. And thus – three friends, passionate about reading and committed to opening up a space for new voices – built a publishing house with diversity at its heart.

Supported by cultural advisers Sanna, Aisha and Vezi and graphic artwork guru Jérémy, this young, female-led company hopes to bring a fresh new perspective to the world of children’s publishing.

Lantana Publishing is a member of the Independent Publishers Guild and works with a Forest Stewardship Council certified printing company to produce its books.


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