The Tigon and the Liger

Written by Keilly Swift and illustrated by Cosei Kawa






Tyler the tigon was terribly rare. A big cat like him isn’t found everywhere. Unique from his ears to his tail to his tum, his dad was a tiger, a lion his mum…

Tyler the tigon has never fitted in. Neither a tiger like his dad nor a lion like his mum, poor Tyler stands out like a sore thumb. Taunted and teased by the other jungle creatures, he flees into the forest with the weight of the world on his shoulders. But who should he find there? An equally extraordinary creature with a tale to match his own… A delightful story in rhyming verse about appreciating your differences and learning to love the skin you’re in.


The Tigon and the Liger is destined to become a new classic and is a book every child should grow up reading.’ – Nicky Cox MBE, First News

“The bouncing style of the narrative adds an element of fun and spontaneity for readers…a very comforting rhyme scheme. The story is told in a songlike manner that will capture the attention of younger readers. The illustrations are done in a folk-art style and the pastel colors give the book a dreamlike appearance. Upon close inspection, one can see tiny collage images that flow across the spreads. This book encourages children to accept and embrace their differences, and to develop friendships with others who may differ from themselves. Best shared one-on-one and in small group settings.”  School Library Journal

‘The words, the narrative and pictures make this book a fantastic read! Plus such a relevant issue to teach younger children about being unique and comfortable with who they are!’ – Scott Chudley, Deputy Head Teacher, Portway Primary School, Newham

‘This book is beautiful, the illustrations exquisite, but more than that, the key message about being comfortable in your own skin is important and powerful and it will no doubt become a favourite for children, parents, friends, grandparents, uncles, aunts, godparents and anyone else who wants children to appreciate each other’s, and their own, differences.’ – Lucy Campbell, award-winning family blogger

‘The appealing illustrations and important message of this book make it an essential choice for the primary classroom.’ – Books for Topics

“The bouncy, rhyming text ensures the story retains a light touch. The illustrations are a triumph, subtly pointing out the characters’ feelings. Scale is used to excellent effect throughout, powerfully expressing the sense of isolation many children feel when excluded because they are different in some way. Lantana Publishing aim to bring UK children’s publishing ‘one step closer towards achieving a more diverse and inclusive children’s book landscape for the next generation of young readers’. I’d say The Tigon and the Liger is more of a leap.” – Kate Lee, IbbyLink 49, Summer 2017

‘This is an important book with an important message.’ – Let Them Be Small, parenting blog

‘This is a lovely rhyming tale with a good rhythm, making it a pleasure to read. The last double-page is charming, with a list of unusual creatures and illustrations to match, where the final sentence really involves the child in the story, making the book personal to them. It would help a child who may be finding it hard to make friends, or a child who feels different, for whatever reason.’ – Little Parachutes library

‘Told in rhyme, The Tigon and the Liger is a wonderful story about being comfortable with who you are and being happy to be different… A pur-fect story for this important week!’ – North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award blog

The Tigon and the Liger is a beautiful book. There are many children’s stories that have main characters that don’t fit in and, by the end, their qualities are embraced. All too often the plot is rather familiar. Although this follows a similar path, rarely does a story embrace this theme with such uniqueness and culture. Lantana Publishing work with diverse themes, authors and illustrators and this is one of many of their richly enchanting works.’ – The Happy Book Club

‘Promotes the celebration of diversity. The stunning illustrations by Cosei Kawa have a dream like quality that truly capture the imagination. The Mini Reviewers really enjoyed the story and because it carries such an important message. We firmly believe this book should be on every child’s shelf.’ – Kate Eccles, author of popular blog Along Came Poppy

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