Looking for Lord Ganesh

Written by Mahtab Narsimhan and illustrated by Sonja Wimmer



Anika has recently emigrated from India and is having a difficult time adjusting to life in a new country, not to mention life in a new school. Remembering the advice her grandmother gave her, she prays to Lord Ganesh, the Hindu elephant god. But Lord Ganesh is slow to respond and Anika takes to the internet to attract his attention. When her problems begin to resolve themselves, she can breathe a sigh of relief. But has Lord Ganesh truly been helping her, or has she been relying on her own inner wisdom all along? This is a sweet and witty story about staying true to one’s beliefs and finding strength in unlikely places.

You can find out more about Lord Ganesh at www.lord-ganesh.com. Or, like Anika, why not email Lord G at ganesh@lord-ganesh.com!


‘Indian mythology gets a contemporary twist in this poignant story about friendship, fitting in, and a young girl’s struggle to stand up for what’s right.’ Deborah Kerbel, award-winning author of Under the Moon.

'Once again we're completely dazzled by a Lantana book, this time delving into the rich culture of India and the ancient gods which are still a huge part of Indian life… A really brilliant and original moral tale bringing Lord Ganesh bang up to date for a modern audience. Very cool book this!' – Phil and CharlotteReadItDaddy

'A lovely tale of friendship and resolution. Beautifully illustrated, this is a great addition to the Lantana catalogue.' – Sarah BrewParents in Touch.

“A gentle look at friendships and exclusion, standing up for your own values as well as a rather nice introduction to the Hindu elephant god! (As an aside, a great representation of a girl footballer…or two…and there is a wheelchair-user on the same team.) Warm, sweeping illustrations which have the appearance of flittered sunlight!” – Letterbox Library

'This charming story explores how it feels to be new and want to fit in. But it also considers loyalty and sticking to one's beliefs… A lovely story about finding inner strength, Looking for Lord Ganesh also offers the perfect starting point to find out more about Lord Ganesh and other Hindu deities.' – North Somerset Teachers' Book Award blog

'Vibrant colours and swirling images mingle traditional and contemporary. Anika’s central dilemma…is resolved in a scene of tolerance and inclusion…with a final twist.' – Uma Krishnaswami, award-winning author of Book Uncle and Me.

'Written in straightforward prose it gently addresses Anika's dilemma of finding a way to encourage tolerance and inclusion from her classmates. The striking illustrations from German artist Sonja Wimmer really help carry the story with their rich, colourful watercolour brush strokes that sweep across the pages. An ideal book for teachers to introduce Indian culture and Lord Ganesh the Hindu Elephant God.' – Outside in World

'Sonja Wimmer’s vibrant, richly patterned illustrations convey beautifully, both Anika’s and her friend’s thoughts and emotions in this touchingly different story about friendship, inclusiveness, finding your feet in a new environment and discovering your own inner strength to hold fast to what you believe to be right. It offers an excellent starting point for discussion and explorations of a cultural and/or, religious nature.' – Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub reviews

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